Life At Accuris

There is more to Sterling Accuris Diagnostics than a regular workplace. We are a closely-knit community of individuals from diverse backgrounds united by compassion towards people, commitment to excellence and dedication to work and also each other. The best part about us is that our work alone does not describe us as a company. We are best known for our culture. Gradually, we are changing the way pathology labs are seen. Every day around the country, we help many people invest in their well-being. We are very well aware that the work we do has an impact on the health of the people. The work we do is challenging and we take pride in our contributions to the field of Healthcare.

Ours is a collaborative culture where every person contributes towards the excellence. While we work in an intense environment delivering reliable results, we do not forget to have fun. There is an optimal work life balance at our offices around the country. Our work environment is not only healthy, but safe and productive as well.