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Sterling Accuris Diagnostics Expands Reach through Strategic Alliance with VPL Diagnostic.

08 Nov 2023

Sterling Accuris Diagnostics has recently announced a strategic partnership with VPL Diagnostic, a specialized allergy testing services provider based in Ahmedabad. VPL Diagnostic is renowned for its expertise in ImmunoCAP & ELISA allergy testing, boasting over a decade of experience in the field.

VPL Diagnostic offers a wide spectrum of allergy tests, encompassing food, drugs, and inhalants, in addition to a comprehensive pathology test menu. Their commitment to continuous expansion and enhancement of their capabilities ensures they remain at the forefront of allergy testing.

This strategic alliance is set to redefine healthcare diagnostics, pushing the boundaries of precision, comprehensiveness, and cutting-edge technology in allergy testing.

Stay informed and be part of this transformative journey. Read more: https://www.mediainfoline.com/alliances/sterling-accuris-diagnostics-expands-reach-through-strategic-alliance-with-vpl-diagnostic

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