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Biochemistry and Immunoassay divisions are lined with fully-automated, progressive integrated analyzers, wherein diverse tests are conducted from a single specimen without the need for aliquoting.

Sterling Accuris Diagnostics has lowered the chances of pre-analytical errors to a great extent in this manner. We are committed to offering accurate results to our clients in the least possible time duration through continuous research on processes and improvement in the use of technology.

In this division, we also offer hormone essays, infectious markers, biochemical tests (chemical pathology), cancer markers, special proteins tests, protein electrophoresis tests, and maternal screening tests. We have professionally trained personnel at our labs that make use of premium analyzers for conducting diverse genres of tests.


The Hematology division diagnoses several anaemias, leukemia, disorders of hemostasis, hemoglobinopathies and thrombosis. Ours is a full-service laboratory offering variant hemoglobin analysis, thalassemia analysis, coagulation testing, platelet function testing, tests for inherited disorders for red and white blood cells and sickle cell screening.

Flow Cytometry division detects, identifies and counts specific cells. The information received is founded on the basis of the physical attributes known as antigens and this is exclusive to every cell type. Flow cytometry is used to assess cells from the blood of the person, his bone marrow, body fluids or even tumors.

Our divisions are lined with advanced fully-automated analyzers that perform the required tests. CBC, ESR and blood grouping are known as routine hematology tests. Sterling Accuris Diagnostics provides accurate results in the least possible time duration thanks to the utilization of proven processes.

We conduct high-end coagulation tests using the latest analyzers and hence offer specific and accurate reports to our client’s every time. Our Flow Cytometry section is lined with the innovative 10-colour analyzer that facilitates us to execute diverse tests without compromising on accuracy.


The objective of our microbiology division is to maximize the efficacy of our test results. Sterling Accuris Diagnostics Labs provide accurate and reliable results by utilizing fully-automated analyzers. We conduct routine Microbiology tests that include aerobic and anaerobic bacterial cultures and also fungal cultures.


Serology is the methodology used to monitor adventitious infections with viruses, micro plasma and other fastidious microorganisms. ELISA or the Enzyme-Linked Immunoassay test is conducted to check whether antibodies are present in the blood, whereas IFA or the Immunofluorescence Assay refers to a standard virology procedure that identifies whether antibodies are present in the body. 

This division conducts tests for different infectious diseases along with autoimmune markers. Sterling Accuris Diagnostics Labs accomplishes accurate results through avant-garde analyzers and proven processes under the supervision of highly trained staff.


The clinical Pathology division analyzes blood samples, urine samples, sputum samples, stool samples and other body fluid samples using different diagnostic tools under a microscope.

Sterling Accuris Diagnostics Labs are committed to offering the best patient experience and services using cutting-edge technology and experts. We provide accurate and reliable test results using both automated and manual methods for the purpose of diagnosis and treatment of different disorders.


The molecular Biology division analyzes the DNA and other genetic materials for the diagnosis of diseases. Specifically, trained professionals test nucleic acids and help in identifying infectious, hereditary or neoplastic diseases when the symptoms are not known. It even helps in identifying cancer-causing gene mutations or evaluating a fetus for abnormalities under prenatal testing. 

Sterling Accuris Diagnostics is equipped with state-of-the-art technology to execute different molecular biology tests for identifying microorganisms that include both bacteria and viruses. We completely understand the importance of reliable and accurate results. And hence our experts use proven processes to identify different microorganisms.


Cytogenetics Division examines the chromosomes for the identification of structural abnormalities. For the purpose of Cytogenetic analysis, cells are cultured from tissues from blood, bone marrow and amniotic fluid as well as other tissues. Cytogenetics helps in diagnosing a disease or a condition. It helps in planning a treatment for a patient or even identifying the effectiveness of the present treatment.

Sterling Accuris Diagnostics Labs is equipped with fully-automated scanning under the supervision of cytogenetics that helps in offering reliable results every time. Our specialized karyotyping microscopy system enables FISH screening for definite chromosomal deletions and cancers.