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Sterling Accuris Celebrating Teacher’s Day with Health Awareness Camp

Sterling Accuris organized a free health camp on the occasion of Teacher's Day at various schools. The event was scheduled to take place on September 5th, 2022.

The following schools were part of our health camp:

  • A-One School Satellite
  • Noble School Nikol
  • Swastik School Motera
  • Vidyanagar School Gotri

The health camp was an excellent opportunity for teachers and students to get their health checkups and receive guidance on maintaining a healthy lifestyle. We informed teachers about the purpose of downloading the application and how it will benefit them. 

The purpose of health checkup was measuring free blood sugar and body composition analysis: BMI, Muscle analysis, Fat analysis. We requested teachers in the morning shift to at least be in fasting state for better results and also they can do other tests at 30% exclusive flat discount.

Sterling Accuris Celebrating Teacher’s Day with Health Awareness Camp

It's very important to maintain your blood sugar level to prevent long term effects on your body, such as health problems like heart disease, vision loss, and kidney disease and maintaining your BMI will keep your body disease free.

It is important to ensure that any medical tests conducted are done with the utmost care and accuracy to ensure reliable results. The camp was a great success, with many teachers and students taking advantage of the opportunity to get a comprehensive health checkup.

The camp provided helpful knowledge about why regular health checkups are important and how regular exercise and healthy eating habits can improve our lives. All the teachers and students were very happy, and we are thankful to them for making these camps successful.